If you are reading this in order to learn how to repair your controller, don't this will only be a guide of how to TEAR IT DOWN not disassemble.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your DualShock 3, use our service manual.

  1. Flip the controller upside down.
    • Flip the controller upside down.

    • Unscrew the 5 screws (marked out in orange in the picture).

  2. Once the cover is off, the controller should look like this. Follow the red and black wire(s) from the battery to the connector.
    • Once the cover is off, the controller should look like this. Follow the red and black wire(s) from the battery to the connector.

    • Take a pair of small pliers and unhook the battery (refer to picture 2 of this step to see it unhooked).

    • The battery will simply lift out revealing the motherboard (refer to picture 3 ots).

    • From here, the plastic holding the battery will be able to lifted out.

    • This will be the step where you teardown the controller not take it apart.

    • To remove the 4 buttons (2 on each side), first lift out the R1 (or L1) button. This may require you to wiggle the button.

    • From here, you will have to apply force to tear out the R2 (or L2) button and the plastic it is connected to. In the 2 pictures (ots) you can see one side taken apart and the other as it normally is.

    • For this step, you will need to de-solder the wires that connect the motors to motherboard. Or, if you are like me and don't have a solder, you can attempt to rip the wires of.

    • First of, lift the whole motor out of the plastic mount. This may take some force as it is glued in.

    • After that, simply cut the cable off of the motherboard, or de-solder it. In the first picture you can see what your controller will look like with one motor missing.

    • Repeat the same on the other side.

    • First off, unscrwew the single screw that holds the motherboard onto the plastic (marked out in orange in the first and second picture ots).

    • With that screw removed, the whole motherboard (along with the 2 joysticks) can be simply lifted right out.

    • Pictures 2 and 3 show the case without the motherboard and joysticks.

    • To remove the white plastic, simply lift it out of the controller. There are no screws,clips or glue holding it in.

    • Pictures 2 and 3 show the plastic by itself.

    • First of, remove the 2 white pieces or rubber on the sides and the middle, grey piece too. The first picture shows you what this will look like.

    • Then simply "pop" the buttons out (marked out in orange in picture 2) from the other side (the front). You can also remove the "Play Station" logo button.

    • For the other side, remove the top plastic and then the 4 buttons (made of one piece of plastic).

    • The final piece to remove is the plastic battery level light cover.

    • This is done by simply pressing in the 4 (slightly protruding) pieces of plastic.

    • The 3 pictures show the the case completely stripped out.

    • And thats that. If you have been following the guide, you now have a completely stripped down PS3 controller. If you have read this for entertainment, you now know what it takes to strip down a PS3 controller. Thank you for reading.

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Good job man really a great tutorial.!

Ricky J - Reply

Rip. To the controller that he used.

Tintin1870 - Reply

If I have to sacrifice one controller in order to show people how to (potentially) fix theirs, then I'm fully fine with that.

Imad Knight -

You can remove the entire motherboard assembly without disconnecting the rumble motors. Just lift them out at the same time carefully

Ephraim Miller - Reply

Some wording needs to be edited,

(TEAR IT DOWN not disassemble. )

Is in fact the same thing.

Cut wire from board ,

vs rip it off , would work,, lol.

The rubber touch switch pads,,

carbon pile buttons,, just might

be the reason my L2/ R2 Quit today,

or dust got under flex circuit strip

that bump contacts the circuit board

seen in recent video, scrubbed clean

to make it functional.

Not looking forward to the torture,

but not able to shift gears on

Granturismo , or fire motars from

pirate ship of Assassins Creed Rogue,

is cramping my style a bit.


Philscbx - Reply

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