Mac Pro Early 2009 8 Core.

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  1. I took the Mac Pro Apart.
    • I took the Mac Pro Apart.

  2. added the PSU
    • added the PSU

    • added the backplane board

    • Front Panel Board

    • Here you can see the LEDs of the Mac Pros, and the DIAG_LED bottom

    • The front panel board to backplane board cable

    • another view of the front panel board

    • Another view of the backplane board

    • BackPlane Board and frontPanel Board linked by FrontPanel Board to BackPlane Board cable

    • Bluetooth antenna connected to the card on the Backplane board. One needs to be careful because if not connected the Antenna needs to be attached in order not to short-circuit the backpanel board.

    • A view of the PCI Slots on the Mac Pro Early 2009

    • Optical Drive Cables on BackPlane Board.

    • A view of the power button that needs to be connected on the front panel board.

    • Processor Cage

    • Left Fan in processor cage with speaker.

    • right fan in processor cage. Remember, two clips to take the a fan apart. Top and Bottom.

    • Unit with, PSU, BackPlane Board, Front Panel Board.

    • Small parts that cover the PSU and Super Drive cables.

    • Processor heatsinks 8 Core

    • Processor Heatsink 4 core

    • We can really see the difference between the 8 core and 4 core.

    • Processor Cage & Left and right Speakers.

    • A nice view of processor board 8 core.

    • CPU B of the processor Board.

    • CPU A of Processor Board.

    • Processor & HeatSink

    • RAID Card for Mac Pro Early 2009

    • Graphic Card

    • Fibre Channel Card

    • Finally the machine is rebuilt


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I have Mac Pro 5,1 intel Xeon W3565 at 3.2 GHz Quad-Core.

It is easy to upgrade in W3565 at 3.33 GHz 6-Core ???

Any intel Xeon W3565 fit in my Mac Pro ?

What CPU sockets supported for ?

Thank you,


StefMacGR - Responder

It is socket-b(LGA 1366)

I think it is easy to upgrade your CPU

sendercustom - Responder

It should be easy to upgrade a single-cpu Pro, they use standard lidded Xeons. I am planning on upgrading to W3690s in a couple of 4,1 machines that have had their firmware flashed to 5,1.

tobiasboyd - Responder

Please let me know how you handle that upgrade!! Or add a tutorial id vey much like to see that and maybe follow suit but im not very savy with these upgrades

Will -

Is it possible to easily remove and service right processor fan (the back one)? It makes too much noise, so needs some oil apparently. I didn't find any way to remove it.

Andriy Tevelyev - Responder

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