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Tearing down the Matebook X. This is HUAWEI's first notebook with FullView design. The 91% screen-to-body ratio creates a near borderless display. This guide shows how to put in a new SSD.

Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua Huawei matebook X, use o nosso manual de serviço.


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i have a problem whenever i close my matebook x a sound comes from top left any problem plz

alex239312 - Responder

Listen to your hinges and find out if one of them is the culprit, if it is, then open op your laptop and add a small amount of grease yo your hinges (non water based). If not, open it up and check if anything is scraping or hitting your hinges.

Oliver -

After a year of dealing with the same problem, I’ve found a simple and easy solution. I used a T5 Screwdriver to open up the back. I had to use a bit of force to pop all of the clips off. Then just tighten down the 2 small phillips head screws for the hinge. I noticed that the right hinge was perfectly tight but the left was loose. After all that, make sure to clip on the bottom panel completely and replace the screws exactly where they came from. I also tightened down the top left and right screws as they also screw into the hinge mechanism. Only took 10 minutes! Now I have a super sturdy lid and it feel soo much better. Glad to say that the screen wobble was also greatly minimised!!

Hope this helps anyone! As I needed help with this, just saved lots of time and money!! :)

Fabian Chavez -

Hi, I think my laptop hinges are possibly damaged. The laptop screen opens up all the way (so the laptop opens 180 degrees). Is this a simple fix or require a whole new screen?

jahed_miah_uddin - Responder

Hi, i have an annoying problem where the left hinge makes a (tuk) sound every time I open the laptops screen…every time

Meow Rawr - Responder

Hi I m looking for a guide to open my matebook x pro screen to clean same water, is there anybody can help

wan geng - Responder

HINT: If you experience that the display/hinge has a little play just remove the 2 rear rubber foots and tighten the screws. Without opening the case that solved my issue. Just sayin’.

One Time - Responder

My screen broke and I bought a new screen from AliExpress but I can't find any help on how to even take off the original screen.

Nick Niva - Responder

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