Ferramentas utilizadas neste teardown


Make sure you have disconnected the power supply and removed it from the computer, letting it sit for 1-5 minutes to ensure release of charge, start this process with a medium sized screwdriver.

Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua Dell Power Supply (MH596), use o nosso manual de serviço.

Remove the outside case screws as seen in all 3 photos with a medium sized screwdriver checking for NO wiggle room
  • Remove the outside case screws as seen in all 3 photos with a medium sized screwdriver checking for NO wiggle room

  • Unplug and leave unplugged for 1-5 minutes to ensure discharge and safety when disassembling(though you don't really need to let it sit)

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Here you can now remove the top of the power supply case
  • Here you can now remove the top of the power supply case

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  • The port on the first picture is actually the power port of your computer

  • the power supply uses connections going into the computer to redirect and resist the electricity to allow the computer to perform it's tasks

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  • To remove the fan ween it forward and pull up with the frame facing towards you like a staircase

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  • To free the cables up remove all tape and zip-ties to further removal

  • This will not help your situation if you are trying to fix the power supply

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  • Remove a screw on the back end(with the stair pattern facing towards you) to free the back panel(partially)

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  • Remove all four screw surrounding the circuit board in charge of dispersing and changing the power

  • The top right screw is really annoying, ensure you have clipped all zip-ties and the proceed to drive yourself insane

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  • Gently move the board on a yaw axis(horizontal)

  • Place it on a buffer that will stop you board from scratching whatever it's on top of

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  • Remove glue surrounding the port that would be visible outside your computer(it is hot glue so it should be easy)

  • There are clips to pull the metal back and the black plastic through to help remove the black plastic, though I do not cover this it should never be necessary

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  • To remove the heat sink simply detach the two back screws with a medium sized screwdriver

  • Heat sinks are used to disperse heat, as they have a large surface area to pawn the heat off to the air around it

The heatsinks in the primary stage could well be carrying over 300V DC. It won’t kill you - but it will hurt.

Not all PSU discharge. I know, I have scars.

To discharge properly - treat it like a CRT and do it the correct way.

Mal - Responder

  • These two screws can be removed using a small socket wrench

  • The bolt can be removed by something as simple as pliers(2nd picture)

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  • After all this work of disassembling this as far as you could go you surely have seen the magnificence of how crucial proper power is to a computer and everything around us, from you to what your reading on right now, we all have one thing in common: we need energy

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I can give you very good guidance on fixing these.

They all suffer from a VERY common problem.

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