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Apple TimeCapsule A1355 opening for repair

Since opening the TimeCapsule, f.e. for...

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Repairing Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Motor

Sometimes the motor stops, while heating is...

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DeLonghi ESAM xxxx Solenoid Replacement

If hot water leaves the automat on the right...

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Jura Grindstone Replacement

Prerequisite only - This guide is only part of...

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Water Tank Sealing Replacement

The sealing is situated between tank and...

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Felco Gartenschere - Pruners Disassembly

These scissors require a little maintenance....

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Jura Heater Replacement

Many models of Jura Krups or AEG coffee makers...

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Saeco Royal Opening Procedure

This section describes how to open the machine...

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Saeco Royal Mahlsteine Replacement

Good millstones are essential for an aromatic...

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Saeco Royal Support valve seals Replacement

The seal on the support valve is heavily...