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USF Tampa, Team 9-1, Leahy Winter 2015

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Team Tag: USFT-LEAHY-W15S9G1

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Guide Image

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Back Case Replacement

Remove the back case of the Zune 30 GB.

Guide Image

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Battery Replacement

Remove the ribbon cable that attaches the...

Guide Image

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Hard Drive Replacement

The 30 GB hard drive is attached to the logic...

Guide Image

Hair Dryer Nozzle Replacement

This guide details how to remove the nozzle from a standard hairdryer.

Guide Image

Hair Dryer Heating Element Replacement

Install a replacement heating element.

Guide Image

Hair Dryer Grating Replacement

This guide helps remove and reinstall the grating on a hair dryer.

Guide Image

Polaroid Onestep Close Up Close Up Lens Replacement

This guide will show you how to replace the unique lens that allows this...

Guide Image

APEX AP-GS918 Power/Volume Button Replacement

A short guide on replacing the plastic buttons if they become damaged.

Guide Image

APEX AP-GS918 Camera Replacement

In this guide we will show you to remove the camera on your tablet in order...

Guide Image

APEX AP-GS918 Battery Replacement

This guide shows you how to replace the battery in your tablet.