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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-2, Andersen Winter 2016

Group 2 is composed of Taylor Dewitt, Marisa Inahara, Ellidie Salladay, Kelbe Schneider, and Mary Rose Wirkkala.

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About Taylor:

I'm majoring in Visual Communication Design and minoring in Art History. I have been at EWU for 4 quarters, working on my 5th right now. I plan to graduate at the end of fall quarter 2016. Skills I have that are relevant to this project: Document design, copywriting, and disassembly of objects. Experience that I have "fixing" things: I'm the systems administrator of my house (I handle software and internet connectivity), I have experience making props from found objects, and disassembling electrical objects and putting them back together (i.e. desktop towers and laptops.) These skills will benefit the project, because my skill set allows me to problem solve as well as be creative in those solutions. I also have experience handling electrical components, and know what to do with them and, generally, how to put them back together. Plus, with my experience with prop building, I can create solutions from objects that are found around the house, making it more relevant to the real world and to the assignment itself.

About Marisa:

I am a junior at Eastern Washington University, studying visual communication design. I am looking to graduate in spring of 2017. Generally, I am a hard worker, and I try my best to be a problem solver. Additionally, I am creative and open to new ideas. My experience and knowledge with DIY, repair, and tools is average I suppose, which will hopefully be helpful in the process of our project.

About Ellidie:

Hello! My name is Ellidie Salladay and I am currently majoring in technical communications with a minor in visual communication design. I've been attending EWU for three years, two of which I attended as a Running Start student, and I plan on graduating in June of 2018. Although I would never consider myself knowledgeable in repairing technology or objects of any kind, I am a quick learner and know how to complete basic repairing tasks after watching all my older siblings fix things my entire life. Some of my repairing/building experiences include repairing chicken pens and assembling an office chair so I am prepared for hands-on projects and know how to accomplish simple tool tasks.

About Kelbe:

I am currently majoring in Visual Communication Design, or VCD for short. I am also pursuing a minor in Art. I have been at EWU for three full years and finishing up my fourth. I plan to graduate fall 2016. A few skills that will be valuable for me to bring to this project is my love for taking things apart and putting them back together, seeing how things work, and solving a problem that many people may have. When I was little I would take a lot of different things apart then they were broken to see how they work or what was wrong and put them back together to see if I was able to fix them and have them work again. In high school I was a sound technician for the theatre, I feel like the skills I learned though that will also be beneficial to this project. As a sound technician part of my job was to make things work when they weren’t, working with tons of wires, and what felt like being a miracle worker most of the time. I feel that my overall problem solving skills will be my main strength during this project.

About Mary:

My name is Mary, I am currently double majoring in English with a creative writing option and technical communications. I also take an interest in gender and sexuality classes due to my involvement in activism on campus. I am highly involved in clubs and I work two jobs on campus as both a tour guide and an office worker, so I am confident with my leadership and public speaking skills. This is my third year at EWU and I plan to graduate in 2018.

My talents lie in writing and I have a pretty good eye for aesthetics as well, which should come in handy for the design aspect. I am an extremely creative person and my hobbies include creating my own costumes from scratch, doing special effects make-up, and random art projects as well as repurposing old, used objects. This means that I am familiar with being hands on for projects and following instructions to create a finished product. I also know how to create instructions that are clear and easy for others to follow so they are able to replicate anything that I make and I pay extreme attention to detail.