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Broken vibrator

anonymous 9046 -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Vibrator Replacement

iPhone 5s Vibrator Replacement

45 minutos - 2 horas


Meu Problema

For some odd reasons (or probably not so odd, after all), the vibrator in my iPhone 5s stopped working. I figured I couldn't take it back to the store, as I've dropped in on the floor more times than I can count, so they would just reject it and tell me it's my fault.

And how hard could it be to fix it myself?

Minha Solução

The biggest obstacle was to get the device open. The small suction cup that came with the "Essential Electronics Toolkit" was rubbish. It just didn't seal good enough to create any suction at all. I figured if I did it quickly, it managed to pull just a little bit before it slipped of. Did that as many times as required to open it just enough to slip in a spudger, and opened the rest of the display with that. The rest was a walk in the park, thanks to the good quality of the photos in iFixit's guides!

Meu Conselho

Get the iSlack!

iPhone 5/5s/SE Vibrator Imagem
iPhone 5/5s/SE Vibrator


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P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone


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Essential Electronics Toolkit


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