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Repairs Successful, Harm Caused in Battery Removal

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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Meu Problema

The power button on a handed down iPhone 5 was not working. Also the batter needed to be replace. To be sure, I ordered the Audio Control and Power Button Cable to make sure I covered all aspects of what may be wrong.

Minha Solução

The repair took allot of time as I was being ginger with opening the iPhone and the battery removal. Opening was successful, then I met with a very stuck battery. I watched the battery removal video and was convinced I was not using enough force to remove the battery. I did get it out and continued with the repair.

I even took the advice of another user by using a soldering iron on the mute switch plastic pins to get them to fuse and sit properly in the housing. Everything went smoothly on way back out. Closed the iPhone with care and then found that be power button was not working which was the point of half of my repair. After plugging it in to get the phone to turn on, I was met with a dysfunctional home button which worked previous to the repair.

Upon talking with iFixit who were very helpful and diligent, I was sent out a replacement cable. Again attempted the repair in case it might have been a faulty cable and perhaps the gold pins to the home button were bent. After a successful physical replacement of the cable and check of the pins, the iPhone's power and home buttons were still not working.

Doing research I did a restore of the iPhone which yielded no success. I also found an article about small jumpers on the motherboard being damaged after a battery repair. Looking at the area the damage can occur I know I used the plastic tool to pry up the battery at that location while moving up the length of the battery to free it. At this time I think it was that process which damaged the motherboard in the area responsible from power and home button control. I feel awful as I could have had a functional iPhone 5, but at the same time learned allot about servicing them. It looks like at this point I will have to go with a $229-$279 out of warranty repair/replacement with Apple which is still cheeper than a new phone or motherboards online.

Meu Conselho

Talk to iFixit if you run into trouble, they're really willing to help and find solutions to assist you with the process of repair. If working on an iPhone 5 in regard to a very adhered battery, be very careful along the left side of the motherboard. Find pry points against screw housings or use the pointed end of a spudger like a lever to slowly bring the battery up without touching the motherboard, that should remove the chance of damage. If you are in doubt about a step, take your time and be careful. Otherwise my physical repair of the button went well, just functionality was lost due to damage.

Imagem de iPhone 5 Battery
iPhone 5 Battery


Imagem de iPhone 5 Power and Lock Button
iPhone 5 Power and Lock Button


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SIM Card Eject Tool


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