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Cracked screen gets a new replacement

thecoffeemann -

iPod 5th Generation (Video)

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iPod 5th Generation (Video) Display Replacement

45 minutos


Meu Problema

I was at work one night and my ipod fell on the concrete floor. It landed perfectly flat and cracked. Even in a case concrete is unforgiving. The iPod screen lost. I knew I needed a new screen.

Minha Solução

The operation went pretty good all around except I wish I would have bought those ipod plastic tools to take it apart. The pictures that I was able to look at on this site really helped me a lot.

Meu Conselho

I would encourage you to buy a nice set of tiny precision phillip screwdrivers and slotted ones too. There are tiny tiny screws that I had a problem getting off/on. I would recommend also to buy an OEM screen from this site as it looks wonderful and non OEM screens you can't be sure of.

iPod Video Color Display Imagem
iPod Video Color Display


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