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Screw up and still win!!!! PS3-YLOD

dvshadykemp -

PlayStation 3

Yellow Light of Death Repair

1 - 2 horas


Meu Problema

The problem was YLOD couldn't use it and didn't

Want to send it off and besides the feeling

Of accomplishment is Great!!!!!

Minha Solução

I screwed up right from the start,I pulled down on the

Switch on the heat gun and started the repair,I went

Through the steps heating and finished before I checked

And saw I was using high heat instead of low heat,so I

Had to wait for quite a bit longer for the system to cool

Down.bottom line it works better than ever I am so glad

I chose to do it myself,Thank you.

Meu Conselho

Follow directions,check and make sure you

Are using low heat and happy fixing it yourself!!

PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit Imagem
PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit


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