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Rear panel... Danm it!

shinata -

iPod Nano 3rd Generation

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Display Replacement

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Display Replacement


Meu Problema

When Ipod finished to charge the battery, I disconnected it from Mac as i have always done. First, it show me the apple logo, then, the display has gone, got to short-circuit and, despite whatever I did, the display still remained white, but my Mac, when I connected it, read it and I could even hear the music, despite the white display.

Minha Solução

Well, I had some problem with the rear panel. Only with the Plastic Opening Tools I couldn't open it. I used a strongest tool (a thin piece of iron, took from a pen) and with it, finally I opened the rear panel (scratching a little inside the Ipod and the side of rear panel). To remove it, I spent about 1.30 h. It's so difficult.

Apart the rear panel, the biggest obstacle, the rest of repair is very easy and I spent about 30minutes for replace the display and put it all togheter.

Meu Conselho

It require a lot of patience, and if you can make you sure to have also a stronger tools than the Plastic Opening Tools (or buy two of those).

Imagem de iPod nano (3rd Gen) Color Display
iPod nano (3rd Gen) Color Display


Imagem de Spudger


Imagem de Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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