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iPod classic 80 GB Battery change

mikehertig -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

30 minutos - 2 horas

Very difficult

Meu Problema

I used my iPod for about 3 years. Suddenly, the battery lasted only for two hours. I went to the apple-store in zurich. They couldn't tell me how much it will cost to replace the battery. The only solution was to do it myself...

Minha Solução

ifixit write: it's a challenge to disassemble the iPod classic. I wasn't sure if I will really get the things apart.

But it was really absolutely no problem at all.

I ordered all the required tools. And it took me about 10 minutes to change the battery. It was easy and the installing guide is just perfect!

Thank you, ifixit

Meu Conselho

First I was disappointed, cause the new battery lasts as long as the old one. 2 hours. After a few charges it gets better and better. At the moment, it lasts already for about 8 hours. I hope it will get better. One thought of me was that apple programmed a battery-death after a defined hour of operation. And without the knowlege of resetting the software no battery wont last any longer..... (conspiracy theory...??)

iPod Classic (Thin) Replacement Battery Imagem
iPod Classic (Thin) Replacement Battery


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1.5" Thin Putty Knife Imagem
1.5" Thin Putty Knife


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Metal Spudger


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