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TalbottsTech -

Meu Problema

My early 2009 MacBook was having an issue where the screen would flicker and sometimes cut out when tilted at certain angles. It was rather annoying. I knew it could only be a few things, so I started with the ribbon cable. Granted, the problem is not yet fixed, but at least now I know 100% what is causing the problem.

Minha Solução

The repair itself went smoothly enough, with the exception of those blasted cables along the edge of the optical drive. The only other tricky part was shaping the new ribbon cable around the hinge assembly and routing it into the lower casing. The repair itself took only about an hour.

Meu Conselho

I would only advise that if anybody is experiencing my same issue, it may be wise to not only buy the ribbon cable, but perhaps purchase the display inverter and its cable at the same time to avoid opening the MacBook multiple times.

Imagem de MacBook Display Data Cable
MacBook Display Data Cable


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