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Mix up with iPod hard drive

Joseph Grillo -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Hard Drive Replacement

iPod Classic Hard Drive Replacement

2 horas


Meu Problema

They don't make iPod classics anymore. I decided to either have it fixed or throw it away, a friend advised me to sell / give it away for parts or fix it.

Minha Solução

My friend was able to fix it, not sure how it went for him. He did say and I did read that it was pretty hard to do. I was sent an 80GB hard drive but it was packaged as a 120 GB hard drive. Not a big deal and I still think the price was fair. Just letting you know that they are going out packaged in correctly.

Meu Conselho

Just check to see that folks are getting what they ordered, that's all.

Imagem de iPod Classic 120 GB Hard Drive
iPod Classic 120 GB Hard Drive


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