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Never too Late to Repair

Kajjarrin -

Meu Problema

The story of this repair started a year ago when my father's contract ended. It was time for a upgrade to his first smartphone. The Droid Incredible was the phone of choice at the time being smaller and thinner than most droid smartphones at the time. The phone, as you mostly likely guessed, didn't last long. About 2 months after he got it was dropped...and stepped on. (He also chose not to get the protection plan, unwise!) Anyway, this is where I step in to be the hero. But, not so fast tech guru! I couldn't source the part. His phone used a newer Sony SLCD, rather than the easy to find part that I tried and failed to get working. Production on the SLCD was non existent! With this part unavailable or too expensive this poor phone sat in a box dismantled for months.

Minha Solução

After finally getting my hands on a decently priced SLCD screen and Ifixit's great 54 bit driver kit. I used the magnetic features to snag the screws out of the box, in which, this phone had lied dormant and with the right torx/philips bits I was able to restore the this little guy back to working status in 20min. Now my father is back to calling with me questions on how to use his phone twice a day. (What have I done?!)

Meu Conselho

Look up part numbers! Don't give up on a hard to find part and always bring the right tools the the fight.

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