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Grandma killed the PowerBook G4

jhmail -

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

30 minutos - 2 horas


Meu Problema

My old PowerBook G4 had trickled down to Grandma. She quickly took to Mac OS X (was a former PC user) and was rolling along just fine until one day she told me "it wouldn't start". After checking it out in a little more detail, it became pretty obvious the drive was dead. Not "mostly dead". *Totally* dead. Miracle Max and a variety of disk repair utilities failed to revive the drive. It had gone to meet its maker and joined the choir invisible. So, I bought Grandma a new MacBook and was going to chuck or donate the poor PB4 when I thought, "Maybe I can fix this so my 5 yr old can beat on it instead of my late model MacBook Pro". iFixit was the immediate next stop.

Minha Solução

The iFixit web site easily directed me to the appropriate replacement hard drive options for my computer. I ordered a new 160 GB ATA WD drive and downloaded the instructions. When I finally sat down to do the repair, it took me less than 30 minutes...and that was while dealing with the 5 year old simultaneously. The pictures in the guide were spot on regarding every detail, even down to the various pieces of tape likely to be encountered and when to remove/replace them. The repair couldn't have gone any more smoothly.

Meu Conselho

It's pretty rare that I sit down to take the time to comment on a web site, application or purchase. However, the iFixit web site and instructions made this so simple that I had to come back and leave a compliment. I had seen the web site before and been impressed with how thorough the guides appeared to be. Having now used one of the guides myself, I'm even more impressed. Save yourself some money. Use iFixit instead of your local repair shop.

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