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The biggest small improvement ever!

Marc Zych -

Imagem da história

Meu Problema

My Macbook Pro had the worst habit of sliding around as I was working on it. I was constantly abusing it - accidentally pushing it off of tables, sliding into drinks and spilling them. It was a disaster.

Minha Solução

I heard about replacing the rubber pads on the bottom of the laptop. I didn't even realize that there were supposed to be rubber feet down there. I simply replaced the feet and my Macbook was much happier and the well-being for me and the people around me improved greatly.

Meu Conselho

Sometimes the smallest, simplest devices make our lives so much easier. This is definitely one such case. If you have any minor annoyances in your daily life, don't try to live with them but rather find a solution because you can easily save yourself a lifetime of frustration.

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