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Awesome parts from an awesome company!

Derrick McAninch -

Meu Problema

Everything breaks eventually and we get asked to fix it. We needed some good tools for our computer repair center.

Minha Solução

These tools are going to make our jobs easier. We've used them for a few projects already and we suspect they'll last us years and headaches to come.

Meu Conselho

Go with iFixit branded tools. They won't let you down or disappoint you. The repair business kit bag even has a compartment for my MacBook Pro which is freaking awesome and made me feel like my purchase was even more money well spent. Just a note that any 17 inch computer probably won't fit in the bag and a 15 inch is stretching it in terms of accessibility.

iMac Service Wedge Imagem
iMac Service Wedge


Repair Business Toolkit Imagem
Repair Business Toolkit


iFixit Logo Sticker Imagem
iFixit Logo Sticker


Standard Issue T-Shirt Imagem
Standard Issue T-Shirt


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