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Brother's iPod Classic

Stanley Reyes Jr -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Replacement

iPod Classic Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Replacement

45 minutos - 2 horas

Very difficult

Meu Problema

My brother ask me one day if I could fix a iPod. I didn't know what kind he had so I ask for go get it and let me look at it.

I notice that someone had tried to open it up before and tried to fix it but had no luck.

The power button was broken and the plug-in was off-set

Minha Solução

I was look around to find a way to fix it until I came upon your website. It had shown how to repair and replace damaged part.

I looked for the repair for the iPod Classic I had to fix.

I was so happy that you had a repair guide for it.

When I finally had it disassembled I notice that the metal frame was broken and the power button was ripped off.

I decided to order the metal frame and the power button. When I received the part I was surprise at how perfect the part match.

It had taken me about 1-1/2 hours to fix it and when I powered up the iPod... well it works perfectly with no problem.

Meu Conselho

If anyone need to find parts or how to repair you item always tell your friends to try fixit first before looking on youtube for the answer and parts Ifixit. They are the DIY place.

Imagem de iPod Classic (Thin) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch
iPod Classic (Thin) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch


Imagem de iPod Classic Metal Framework
iPod Classic Metal Framework


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