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It's easier with another person's help

dtsai2 -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

15 minutos - 1 hora


Meu Problema

iPhone 5 battery dying, won't last more than a few hours

Minha Solução

Ordered the iPhone 5 battery from iFixit, replaced the dying battery successfully following the guide and recommendations of other members. The phone is now operating like brand new.

Meu Conselho

Use the right tools is critical - I used the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, and the magnetic project mat to keep the tiny screws organized. What also made the operation much easier was to enlist my wife's help.

Opening up the front panel was the most heart wrenching part, but with a gentle and steady pull, it eventually separated from the bottom just enough, without even using the prying tool. I had my left palm resting close to the power button while pulling the suction cup, and my right hand was holding the bottom case close to the home button, so as to prevent a sudden opening of the front panel and pull apart sensitive ribbons at the top as quite a few people had mentioned in their stories. This worked very well. The front panel separated by like half an inch - it was never in danger of flying apart.

We didn't do steps 9 thru 12, instead my wife helped holding the panel. Removing the battery was relatively easy after I heated it with a hair dryer for about 30 seconds. I pried from the left side, about an inch below the volume buttons, opposite the plastic pull tab. There's no sensitive ribbons near it, and the battery came up easily. I could hear it being separated from the glue when pulling it up slowly. It was actually harder for me to remove the battery connector. Couldn't get it to disconnect after like 5 minutes of using the pry tool, probably due to my poor old eyes, so I ended up removing it after prying up the battery. Worked anyway. The rest is easy putting the phone back together. Turned it back on and everything tested out fine.

Thanks iFixit, for offering the great tools and guides, and a very good battery. The member stories also helped a lot - read and take notes of what 'not to do'. It could mean the difference between a perfectly working phone and a damaged one. Good luck!

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery Imagem
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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