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Just worked!

richbhanover -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

10 minutos


Meu Problema

Dropped my iPhone on the sidewalk, back shattered. Although the clear packing tape held it together, I realized that it wasn't going to make it long term. So I looked to IFIXIT.

Minha Solução

Disappointingly easy. (I'm a techie nerd, and was prepared to do battle if necessary. In fact, I get a lot of pleasure from figuring things out.) But...

I took out the two screws, slid the back off, slid on the new one and replaced the two screws. I didn't record the time, but it was well under 7 minutes (with a bit of time looking inside my phone...)

Meu Conselho

You don't need *any* techie skills for this repair.

Imagem de iPhone 4S Blank Rear Glass Panel
iPhone 4S Blank Rear Glass Panel


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