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iPad Screen Protector

  • iPad Screen Protector
iPad Screen Protector

US$ 14,99

US$ 14,99

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Keep your iPad screen looking pristine and protected from scratches and blemishes!

  • Includes screen protector, cleaning cloth, and air bubble removal tool.



  • iPad 1st Gen A1219 and A1337


iPad 3G
A1337 Wi-Fi/3G/GPS 16GB
A1337 Wi-Fi/3G/GPS 32GB
A1337 Wi-Fi/3G/GPS 64GB
iPad Wi-Fi
A1219 Wi-Fi 16GB
A1219 Wi-Fi 32GB
A1219 Wi-Fi 64GB

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Meu Problema

My two year old dropped our first generation iPad. It has survived many drops through it's years of service. This time, right on the screen. A nice spider web crack to all borders.

Minha Solução

As a first timer, I set out to try not to break a single clip during screen removal. I broke every single one. I'm . . .