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Metal Spudger

  • Metal Spudger / Thin
  • 360°
Metal Spudger

US$ 2,99

US$ 2,99

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For when you need that unyielding edge.

  • While our first-choice tool for poking and prying is always our trusty plastic spudger, sometimes you need a little more power behind your pry. In those instances, this metal spudger is the ideal tool for the job.
  • Features a comfortable, easy-grip handle and is great for prying up all sorts of tough components.
  • For the metal spudger fanatic, we also sell a set with an entire assortment of four different metal spudgers, for all of your hardcore spudgering needs.

Be sure to exercise caution when using this tool. With its great strength comes the potential to scratch or otherwise damage components that might be better served with plastic tools such as a spudger or plastic opening tool.

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