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Leaky faucet, broken drill, electrical problem in a lighting fixture… Thanks to guides from our repair community, you can repair products purchased from us or elsewhere. Offer them a new life and help the planet!

What if you were the expert?

Help the community by creating your own repair guides. Together, we can give our products a new lease on life!

You too can share your repair talents

Create your guide in five minutes and join the Leroy Merlin community on iFixit. Do it now!

Didn't find the solution?

Ask your question on the iFixit forum or contact the after-sales service of your store directly. Our experts can help you or have your product repaired, even if it's no longer under warranty.

Faça Você Mesmo (DIY) é algo que você pode aprender!

With Leroy Merlin Campus, you have access to more than 280 online and in-store courses to learn about repair.

It's the largest community of fixers in the world…

And the DIY enthusiasts at Leroy Merlin are naturally a part of it! Involved in sustainable development, they share guides, tips and DIY experiences.