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Self Repair

Every time you fix something, you help the planet by keeping hardware out of landfills.

Things break. You drop your iPod, trip over your Mac's power cord, or your display wears out. Wear and tear is normal, but throwing away almost-functional devices shouldn't be. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to fix things yourself. You can fix it. We make it easy.

We help thousands of people repair their devices every day. Every time you fix something, you help the planet by keeping hardware out of landfills.


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Diagnose what’s wrong with your device.

So your iPod Video doesn’t turn on, but what's really wrong with it? Well, our iPod Video troubleshooting page says that it could be either the hard drive, the logic board, or the battery. Let's dig a little deeper. What happens when you plug the iPod into a power adapter? Ah, it starts up fine now! Great, then you just need a new battery. Buy a new battery, and then go to our repair section to view instructions on how to install it.

Parts & tools

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Get the repair parts and upgrades you need.

We fund our mission of helping people fix things by selling useful parts and tools on iFixit.com.

Learn about the tools used for electronics repair.

What the heck is a spudger? Is a Phillips #0 screwdriver bigger or smaller than a #00? Answers to these questions are easy to find in our tool database. Tool pages have photos, useful background information, tips for use, and sources for finding the tool online.

Free repair guides

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Use iFixit's step-by-step photographic repair instructions.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why are you still reading this? It turns out that a little bit of text helps as well. Our repair guides combine great, high-resolution photos with helpful instructions. Color-coded bullets and markup help connect the instructions to the device in front of you. Thousands of people have successfully used our guides to repair their electronics, and you can too!

Why fix things?

Well, you can save a lot of money by fixing things yourself. But there are other, even more important reasons to make the things we have last longer.

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