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Logic Boards We Offer Credits For ($50 for every model):

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch)

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch)

MacBook Air (11-inch)

MacBook Air (13-inch)

MacBook Retina (12-inch)

MacBook Pro (Unibody, 13-inch)

MacBook Pro (Unibody, 15-inch)

Don't see your model listed here? Sorry, we don't offer a credit for it at this time.

Condition Requirements

  • The serial number associated with the logic board must not be attached to an Apple ID / iCloud account. You can remove the unit from your list of devices on Apple's iCloud website using another computer.
  • The logic board must be intact and in one piece. It cannot be physically cracked or chipped. It's OK if there are small components damaged (like resistors, ICs and such).
  • The logic board must have all screw standoffs and holes in place and in working condition.
  • While we will accept boards that have liquid damage, the board may not have excessive liquid damage to it. We define excessive as over 10% of the board (both front and back) showing corrosion. If you're unsure about it, send a picture to our support team (contact info is below) and we'll judge it for you.
  • The processor and all other integrated components must be attached.
  • We do not need any of the following components (unless they are integrated into the logic board). However, you may leave them connected if you do not want them:
    • Heatsink
    • RAM
    • Speaker
    • MagSafe / DC-In Board
    • WiFi/Bluetooth Card
    • Solid State Drive

If we get your board back and determine it does not meet the requirements, we will contact you. You can elect to have it sent back to you at no cost to you or we can recycle it for you.

Are you wanting to send in a board (or multiple) but didn't buy one from us?

Email us at recovery@ifixit.com with what you have and we'll see what we can offer you!

Are you an international customer outside of the US wanting to return the board to us?

The prepaid shipping labels are only available to customers who have purchased logic boards from iFixit and are also in the USA. If you are outside of the USA, purchased a board from iFixit and want to send in your old one for a credit, you are responsible for shipping it to us.

Please send us a receipt for the return shipping cost via email to recovery@ifixit.com as well as in the package and we'll reimburse you once we receive and process it. If the cost to return the shipment exceeds $25 USD, we're only able to reimburse you for a maximum of $25 USD. Please note that if the part does not qualify, then the return shipping cost may not be refunded. Please ship your board(s) to this address:

Attn: Core Returns 
1330 Monterey St.
San Luis Obispo CA, 93401

If you have any questions about the program please contact us.

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