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Samsung Galaxy Sシリーズのカスタムカットされた接着剤の交換方法

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How To Replace Custom-cut Adhesive For Galaxy SSamsung Phones
Learn how to install the adhesive for glass-backed Samsung's Galaxy S phones. Also includes instructions for back cover component adhesives.
    Not sure what to do with all the adhesive strips in your back cover kit? You’ve come to the right place! This guide shows how to use the back cover adhesive kit for the Galaxy S seriesphones with glass backs (S7 and newer). It also includes instructions on how to transfer and install various back cover components, such as the rear bezel and fingerprint sensor.
    ''You may not need to use all the adhesive strips included in the kit.'' If you are transferring the fingerprint sensor, you may need some double-sided tape such as Tesa tape.
    For a list of adhesive strips for the Galaxy S phone, [link||follow this link].
    When applying adhesive strips like these, here are some general tips:
    * Generally, adhesives strips have a colored side and a non-colored (paper or clear plastic) side. '''***The non-colored side determines which surface the strip should be applied to first.'''***
    * To make adhesive application easier, you can align an unexposed strip to its intended position on the phone, then [link||tape one edge down to hold the strip in place]. This will allow you to peel away the plastic liners and expose the adhesive without losing alignment.

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      慎重にバックカバーを、接着面が露出したサポートストリップに向けて下げます。 こうすることで、接着面をリアカバーの正しい装着位置に移すことができます。

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