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And that's all we note!
  • And that's all we note!

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note9 isn’t a radical redesign, but it’s fresh enough to keep our teardown engineers happy. The Note line tends to evolve slowly—bigger motherboard, a different pen, nothing radical—except for a battery that just exploded in size.

  • Sometimes it feels like watching paint dry. But sometimes you get to cut open a tiny pen! (Something we haven’t done since the Apple Pencil.)


三星Galaxy Note9并不是一个彻底的重新设计,但它足够新鲜,足以让我们负责拆解的工程师感到高兴。三星Note系列的发展趋势是缓慢的——更大的主板,不同的笔,没有任何激进的东西——除了一个容量激增的电池。

有时感觉就像看着油漆干。但是有时候你可以拆开一支笔!(这是自Apple Pencil之后我们从未做过的事情。)

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