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iPod Touch (A1421) 5th Gen Battery Replacement From Start To Finish. (Video Guide With Explanation)

    • Follow this video guide from start to finish and enjoy!


Did you follow all the steps? Yes! Then enjoy!

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John Ford

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The solder in the video looks like a clear liquid, I’m I missing something. I’m used to solder that looks like wire? Is there something new that is easier to use?

Thanks for putting this up, I’m trying to decide if I can do the soldering and I just want to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into.

Joshua Edwards - Responder

Sorry for the confusion. That clear liquid is actually flux. The solder has been put on the iron tip prior to soldering the pads. Not much solder is needed but the flux is necessary to help the flow and bonding of the solder.

John Ford - Responder

What kind of wick do you use?

Nick DeRissio - Responder

Goot wick. Model: CP - 2015 Width: 2 mm

John Ford -

Could I use an IOpener tool to open the ipod?

Best Songs - Responder

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