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    • Follow the video to replace a cracked camera cover glass.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Alex Sander

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what the heck? Is it just me or is there just an empty step one?

Alexander Wiand - Responder

Maybe there is something wrong with your browser.

Alex Sander -

does the glass come with glue already on it?

kolineal - Responder

No, it does not come with the glue, you have to buy Silicone based adhesive so the phone can remain waterproof.

megaspeed -

The Video is showing how to replace the Glass.

Why do we need to buy this suggested part ‘ iPhone 7 Rear Camera Lens Cover’ (the whole Cover not just the Glass)?

Installing the whole cover needs a complete different Guide, including opening the iphone...

Simon Bonorand - Responder

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