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取下后盖就能观察得到 iPhone 4 内部的组件。

  1. 在开始之前,将您的iPhone电池放电低于25%。 已充电的锂离子电池如遇意外穿刺,可能会起火和/或爆炸。 在开始拆卸前关闭iPhone的电源。
    • 在开始之前,将您的iPhone电池放电低于25%。 已充电的锂离子电池如遇意外穿刺,可能会起火和/或爆炸。

    • 在开始拆卸前关闭iPhone的电源。

    • 您的iPhone 4后盖可能有两个#000十字螺丝或苹果的5点“Pentalobe”螺丝(第二张图)。 检查你有哪些螺丝,并确保你也有正确的螺丝刀,以拆下它们。

    • 拆卸两个3.6毫米或000 pentalobe菲利普斯#螺丝旁边的基座连接器。

    • 拆卸Pentalobe螺丝时,确保驱动器安装牢固,非常容易剥离。

  2. 把后盖向上推到边框的边缘。 后盖大约移动 2 mm。
    • 把后盖向上推到边框的边缘。

    • 后盖大约移动 2 mm。

  3. 用手指将后盖取下。还有一种方法,用吸盘取下。
    • 用手指将后盖取下。还有一种方法,用吸盘取下。

    • 注意不要把后盖的塑料卡扣损坏。

    • 如果你要安装新的后盖,需要将摄像头的塑料保护贴纸和较大黑色区域的贴纸撕下。



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9 comentários

sorry, I do this without entering the silent mode.

What problems might have

Michele - Responder

The replacement part for the iPhone 4 rear panel has two thin, clear overlays on the inside surface--a larger one that runs the full length, and a small one that only covers the lens. These should be removed prior to installation. Also, the first rear panel replacement I got from iFixit was not an exact fit and would not easily "click" into place. They replaced it for free and the second one clicked right in.

rudisill49 - Responder

In the blog post about this item there is mention of removing the shielding, maybe this tutorial could go into detail about removing the shielding, with the appropriate, this will kill your iPhone warnings

Chris - Responder

On step 3 when replacing the back panel with a new one, they aren't kidding about removing ALL the protective slips. There's THREE of them.

1), the obvious back slip that protects the new back.

2). the one inside the back protecting the side with the camera lens

3). the little square one OVER the lens itself.

First time I tried to reinstall my back, that tiny little square over the lens prohibited my ability to actually get the back on completely. My husband jammed it for me, but the screws still wouldn't take. It's amazing that these things are so precise that the tiny little film on the lens would make it that much tighter.

Anyways, hope that helps somebody. :)

rachelfinder - Responder

Easiest repair I've ever done. Thanks y'all!

patrickbeeson - Responder

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