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Use this guide to replace the Lightning connector assembly in your iPhone 11, which can resolve many charging and connectivity issues.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I would rather have a picture and written step by step, he doesn’t say some parts what is called

Dulce Vidal - Responder

First, DISCONNECT the battery before ANY connections, and the battery should be the last thing you re-connect. And you DO NOT need to remove the logic board.

Gregg Stanley - Responder

Just completed this repair. Wow it’s tricky but as echoed above, I would try and disconnect battery first although design of the iPhone 11 makes it very difficult to do this. Also, definitely don’t remove logic board and you don’t have to remove the battery either. Removing battery possibly makes it very slightly easier but if you take your time it’s not necessary. Good luck

richarddillon - Responder

IS not there a problem with at chip on the charging flex, that causes warnings and or re-boots I have been reading about somewhere?I mean, fitting it is easy enough, but APPPPle keeps annoying customers trying to stop them going to independent shops or doing repairs themselves!

JoeBlog - Responder

I appreciate the instruction. A couple parts I was worried about proceeding without seeing how to do it right. My phone is charging now when it wase’t with the old part.

I did it with the battery left in without issue.

I also never touched any of the components at the top like the camera.

Michael Breton - Responder

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