The metallic bottom shield protects the logic board from electromagnetic interference.

  1. Use a coin to rotate the battery locking screw 90 degrees clockwise.
    • Use a coin to rotate the battery locking screw 90 degrees clockwise.

    • Lift the battery out of the computer.

  2. Use a pin to remove the three rubber feet from the lower case.
    • Use a pin to remove the three rubber feet from the lower case.

    • Remove the three newly-revealed Phillips screws.

    • Use a spudger or small flathead screwdriver to pry up the three metal rings that housed the rubber bumpers.

    • Remove the three hex screws using a T8 Torx screwdriver.

    • The screw in the center is shorter than the other two.

    • Remove the two Phillips screws on either side of the battery contacts.

    • Breathe deeply. Trying times are ahead, but we promise the lower case does come off.

    • Push the thin rims of the lower case surrounding the battery compartment in, bending them past the tabs, and then lift up to free that corner of the lower case.

    • There is a slot on the wall of the battery compartment that locks the lower case in place.

    • Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry out the slot's lower rim and pull up on the lower case to free the slot from the tabs holding it.

    • Run a spudger along the seam between the lower case and upper case on the front of the computer to free the tabs locking the lower case.

    • Pull up on the lower case and continue to use the spudger as necessary until you hear three distinct clicks.

    • Continue to run the spudger around the front, right corner.

    • There are two tabs on the port side of the computer, one near the front corner and one near the sound out port.

    • Once the front and sides of the lower case are free, turn the computer so that the back is facing you.

    • Pull the lower case up and toward you until the back tabs pop free.

    • It may be helpful to jiggle the case up and down.

    • Remove the small greasy springs with white plastic caps from either side of the battery contacts.

    • Peel back the yellow tape and foil shielding.

    • Remove the following 10 screws:

      • One 5 mm Phillips at the upper, right corner of the battery compartment.

      • Nine 6 mm Phillips scattered around the shield.

    • Lift the bottom shield off.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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By using a T8 Torx screwdriver to remove and reinstall the three hex screws on the bottom case as suggested, I ended up stripping the screw heads when tightening them. By pushing hard on a T9 Torx driver I was able to carefully remove the stripped screws. I would recommend using the proper size hex driver instead of the T8 Torx driver for a more positive grip in the screw head.

randy3833 - Responder

To add to my above comment: There doesn't seem to be a correct hex size for these 3 screws in either metric or SAE. Actually, the T9 Torx driver works pretty well. I replaced the stripped screws with three brand new ones.

randy3833 - Responder

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