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Logic board with shielding removed (high res).

Chip markings:

Texas Instruments TWL5030B 8CA28MWC

Marvell WiFi chip under the silver EMI cover, marked W8686B12. Directly above it is the CSR bluetooth chip. They're both on a daughterboard soldered to the logic board.

Samsung SDRAM KMCMG0000M-B998

ELPIDA K2132C1PB-60-F 08510N060. Another BGA chip underneath this one is Texas Instruments OMAP3430.

Unbranded chips: 3335A ADJ RNX, 89A8 850. And the one hidden with epoxy above Samsung's SDRAM is Kionix KXSD9 3-Axis Accelerometer.

The top of the board is labeled 888-3 94V0 1 309 - F3. The bottom of the board is bereft of chips or markings, something Apple has never done.

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