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This install procedure is required when using the HP UPD as a substitute driver. Note: If you have attempted driver installation through the Dynamic Mode universal printer, this method can be used to correct bad installations.

If you are installing the printer over USB, USB_001 is considered a "safe" port. Unless you use a special configuration, this port generally works in most scenarios. Older printers may use the DOT4 protocol. If this is the case, the port will need to be changed from USB_001 to DOT4.

Find Devices and Printers. The location varies based on which version of Windows you run, but this can be found in Control panel. Windows 8.x: Search for "Devices and Printers"; Windows 10: Search for Control panel and find Devices and Printers.

Click Add a Printer. If you use a USB cable, select Add a Local printer. For network installation, select Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth printer.

Allow your computer to populate the driver list. Find HP and then locate the driver that says HP Universal Printing PCL6 [Version]. Select this driver and click Next.

The printer name does not need to be changed, but this makes identification easier.

Name your printer. Once a name is selected, click Next.

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