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Insert and solder the wires from the AirPort board into the appropriate holes of the PCB.

The red-wired lead goes to the 5 V out hole from step 8.

The orange-wired lead goes to the 3.3 V out hole from step 8.

The black-wired lead goes to the ground out hole from step 8.

After soldering these wires is the perfect time to give your new power supply a quick test. Plug in the power supply and see if the LED on the lower case half turns on. If it does, your power supply is working. If it doesn't, quickly unplug the power supply and recheck all your connections.

You can test output using a multimeter and checking the voltage at the red (5 V) and orange (3.3 V) wire solder joints and using the black wire solder joint as ground. Variations of no more than .3 V is acceptable.

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