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Before you decide to change a burnt-out bulb, make sure it's not the blown fuse that keeps you in the dark. You will need to open the fuse block cover that is located on the left hand side of the dashboard. Use a thin flat object, such as a flat head screwdriver or a key to pop open the cover.

Under the cover you will see a number of multicoloured fuses.

Use the reference card and the white plastic tweezers attached to the back of the fuse cover to locate and pull out fuses responsible for headlight bulbs. Fuses 18 and 19 are for high beam bulbs; 20 and 21 - for low beam; 22 and 23 - for parking lights. Pull fuses one by one so as not to mix them up.

Fuse body is semi-transparent. Look at it from the side to see if the fuse is good.

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