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Normally we can't wait to open our new toys and expose their inner workings... but we also love any excuse to pull out our handy dandy infrared camera.

Dots everywhere! The HDK 2's stand-mounted sensor tracks this constellation of infrared (IR) LEDs from one instant to the next, in order to compute the wearer's motion and position.

This is similar to the tracking system employed by the Oculus Rift, and the virtual opposite of that used in HTC's Vive.

The lone USB 3.0 port, nestled onto the side of this headset, can be used to attach accessories as they are developed.

When wearing the HDK, two cables pass over your head—the large one feeds data to the HMD, while the skinny one is responsible for a few IR LEDs hidden in the box behind your head (allowing for 360º tracking).

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