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If Pannarello is present, remove it first from hot water dispenser by pulling it firmly to the bottom. Next, open up service gate on the right of the appliance.

Remove the two right screws of the silver front panel.

To remove the next screws, you must have removed left side casing as explained in previous step. Owners of Intelia machine with external milk carafe (HD8753/87)? Please, also have a look at Paul Tast comment below.

Remove the two left screws of the silver front panel.

Separate the silver front panel from the main unit by pulling it gently.

Be careful, you can't remove silver front panel without removing first the hot water dispenser !

Loosen or remove the two screws of the hot water dispenser.

Remove the silver front panel. Take care of hot water dispenser and left and right nicks of the panel.

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