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Identify where the four pins of the USB socket connect to the circuit board. They are the largest connections on the board, are all aligned in a row, and are located on the other side of the board from the back of the USB socket.

Prepare a 200 ohm 1/4 watt resistor that will connect between the two center pins of the 4 pin USB connector. Make a loop of one lead of the resistor, as shown in the photo. Use heat shrink or other insulated tubing to keep the longer, looped side of the resistor from shorting to the board. In the photo this is the black shape to the right of the resistor.

Solder the resistor to the two center pins of the four USB pins. Use a small soldering iron and a modest amount of solder. Be careful not to bridge to the outer USB pins, or the nearby, large solder point that attached the ground contact.

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