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Compared with its fraternal twin, the Nexus 5X (top), the 6P shines through with its Wide Quad HD AMOLED display.

Just for fun, we also line up the 6P next to ye olde Nexus 6. With its nearly identical footprint, you get triple bonus points if you can tell which is which!

The 6P is slimmer, at 7.3 mm, versus 10.06 mm on the Nexus 6. It also shaves off 6 grams, coming in at 178 g. (For comparison, the iPhone 6s Plus tips the scales at 192 g.)

For those who were wondering, yes, it doubles as an external battery pack. So when your 5X runs low on juice, just grab your 6P and a umbilical USB-C cable and you'll be good to go!

No word yet on what happens if you umbilical two 6Ps that are both at 50% power. We assume they'll both charge to 100%. Perpetual power, solved.

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