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If you have a reliable reference system, test the games on the good unit first.

Improving the read percentage: If you are not happy with the results, keep adjusting the motor. Repeat until you are happy with the rate of good reads or the motor does not spin.

If you see the Insert PlayStation CD-ROM screen, the motor is too slow. Adjust the speed up, rather then down.

Partially reassemble the system and test it. If it is sufficient, leave it alone and finish reassembly.

To test the read percentage, get a few known good games and see which ones load. A minimum of 5 test games or more is recommended. Only adjust the laser again after each full test is done.

If you can get the game to load, play each game for a few minutes to check for stability, and note any issues. Tip: Some early systems are known to have minor FMV issues.

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