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If using liquid adhesive remover, apply a few more drops under each of the final two, middle cells.

It may help to elevate one side of your MacBook Pro a few inches so that the adhesive remover flows in the correct direction, underneath the battery cells. You can use a sturdy book or foam block to prop up one side of your MacBook Pro while you work.

Allow 2-3 minutes for the adhesive remover to penetrate before you continue.

Gently folding the right-most battery cells out of the way, insert a plastic card under the right center cell.

Push the card in about half of its length to cut the adhesive holding the battery cell to the case.

Be sure to avoid the trackpad control board. Aim the card up toward the logic board, where the adhesive is.

Leave the card in place to keep the adhesive from re-sealing.

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