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The vast majority of control boards do not come with a power supply. Check the specifications listed by the vendor to get the power supply requirements for your board.

You'll need to get both the Voltage (typically 12v for 12-21" screens, or 19v for 24+" screens) and the Amperage. The control board's voltage specification must be followed exactly, while the amperage specification is a 'minimum required': In general, using a power supply with a higher amperage than the requirement is a good thing.

Shown here: A generic 12V 5A power supply purchased online for $8.

You may not need to purchase a power supply because you may already have one: check around your home or office for the unused power supplies of old electronics such as old modems, routers, coffee makers, etc. You may have one sitting in your box of spare/used electronics. Check before buying!

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