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Starting 15mm below the right page-turning button, insert the middle of the pry tool. Pry open the back of the device using the pry tool, or similar plastic opening tool. The flexi cable for the screen is 10mm wide and passes 10mm to 20mm below the right page turn and is very easy to tear the edge.

Do not attempt to pry directly on the page turning buttons. This will damage the buttons. By inserting it at 15mm this will reduce the chance of damaging the flexi cable. Look closely at the image of Kindle with the back removed, this will help to identify the location.

If you are having trouble getting an initial gap to pry from, run the flat edge of the pry tool along the front-to-back plate seam until it slips into a gap.

Don't insert your tool too far, or you may damage some of the orange flex cables near the edges of the device.

When reinstalling the back cover, slide the bottom edge into place first, and then press up the sides and along the top until all the clips snap into place.

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