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Start a new bag 16. Remove the taper pin from the gear on the upper left side.

Bag the taper pin. It should be about 0.086" on the wide end, 0.071" on the narrow end, and about 0.410" long. That is a taper of about 1/2" per 12", which is not a modern standard taper pin size -- 1/4" per 12" is the standard today.

However, If the wide end were 0.080" then we'd get a standard taper. Perhaps the wide end was widened a bit by the installation?

Now you can pull apart the frame. The gear will slide off its shaft. You may have to pry off the big iron piece in the middle, and move one side of the frame, then the other, but eventually the sides will separate.

In the picture, the second shaft from the right, the one with the spring, will also come off. Make sure the spring doesn't roll away!

You can pull of the rightmost rectangular part and the shaft second from the right. Set the rectangular part aside, and bag the spring.

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