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When lots of water leaks under a Jura brew-group it could be a broken sealring at the drainage. The first sealring is shown inside the white circle. This sealring has a lot of mechanical stress because at this point the brew-group moves up and down. From here comes the fresh water. The screwdrivers points at the metal spring-claw to pull off.

For this guide i have chosen a cleaned drainage valve. In real maintenance it will be extremly filthy, greasey and lots of coffee crumbs will trickle down. Use papertowel, toothpick,. toothbrush and degreasespray and clean everything under water.

Turn the valve and use the screwdriver to leverage the white part with the spring. It should come up; if nothing moves it needs better cleaning because the grease here is very sticky.

Now all the parts should fall off the valve block. Hold your hand above it because the spring could snap away.

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