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There are 2 methods that we can take towards removing this annoying touchbar. We went ahead and performed what we thing is the harder method.

Method 1: Take 2 tweezers or handles and wrap very thin wire around them. Then pull the wire underneath the touchbar LCD gently while being careful not to damage the keyboard

This method keeps the frame underneath the touchbar from scratching a whole bunch, eliminates the possibility of the keyboard keys "melting" from the Adhesive Remover, and allows you to possibly reuse the touchbar.

Method 2: What we did. Remove the touchbar digitizer first by prying it up and off the touchbar LCD. Then use a combination Adhesive Remover and a Technician's Razor Set to remove the touchbar LCD.

This method takes longer and more patience. However, we didn't have wire at our disposal and we weren't needing to reuse the touchbar

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