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Looks like this year at Apple, big is in. The iPhone 11 Pro Max's powerhouse pumps out 3969 mAh at 3.79 V, for a total of 15.04 Wh. That's a whopping 2.96 Wh more than the XS Max battery, and 1.52 Wh less than the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G battery.

Where does this massive power come from? It's 4.6 mm thick, has a volume of 23.8 cm³, and weighs in at 59.6 g. Compared to the XS Max, that's 0.7 mm thicker, 4.2 cm³ larger by volume, and 13 g heavier.

We were suspicious when Apple alluded that the new A13 chip and PMU alone were responsible for the extra five hours (five hours!) of battery life. Turns out you can just make a phone a little thicker for massive battery life gains. Who would have guessed?

We saw this same single-cell, L-shaped design last year in the iPhone XS, where we learned about the complexities of internal corners and thermal expansion in battery design.

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